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Automotive Photography Get It Right In Just One Session for £275

Buyers are searching online and visiting fewer dealers, so make sure your Digital Forecourt shines out like a beacon.

In today’s competitive online market, your car’s photos are the first visual touch-point you have with prospective customers The quality of your images wil make the difference between prospect passing  your advert or calling you.

Your competition are improving the quality of their images all the time so make sure it’s you that leads the field.

Facts - Regardless of how well the car is described 43% of prospects dismiss adverts that have fewer than 3 photos and 49% of prospects want to see at least 10 photos.

Our Automotive Workshop will show you how to Create Image that Prospects want to see.

We’ll cover :

Making the best use of backgrounds:
Importance of getting the right distance from the car:
Achieving the best height for certain effects:
Using the camera’s zoom and grid to achieve consistency:

Keeping the background the same in in all the essential  exterior shots:

Positioning the wheels for effect:
Covering the basic car-selling angles:
Utilizing the cars unique selling features:

Interior shots. Driver’s seat and Cockpit shots from the rear seats. Stero and instrument cluster. Gear shifter shots. Stoarge space in estates and SUV folding seat shots.
Shots of imperfections.


car photography for used car dealers

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