Moving Away From Auto Mode

Entry Requirements

While this course explores the fundamentals of photography students who have mastered framing, composition, accurate focus and basic camera handling skills will be in a position to gain the most. If you haven't got to this stage just yet consider our Level 1 - Mastering the Basics by Distance Learning Workshop first.

You will require a digital SLR or bridge camera, those that allow you to move away from a fully automatic shooting modes to select Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Exposure Compensation & ISO. A tripod and neutral density filter are desirable.


What Will I Learn?

This workshop is for photographers who wish to explore beyond the automatic default settings and want to take control of their cameras. It's for those who see the auto & program modes as a restriction to their photographic creativity.

We will explore:


• Shutter Speed

• Aperture

• Shutter Priority

• Aperture Priority

• Correct Exposure

• Exposure Compensation



Successful completion of this course will put you in a strong position to progress to any of our Level 3 workshops.

You can purchase the Moving Away from Auto Mode Workshop Manual as a PDF emailed to you for just £25 by clicking the Buy Now button below. Or buy as a Gift on a CD here.


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