Portrait Photography Using Available Light & Accessory Flash by Distance Learning

Following our very successful & popular workshop based Level 3 Portrait Photography Using Available Light & Accessory Flash course we are delighted to offer the same excellent learning experience to our distance learning students.


Entry Requirements

This course assumes that students will have a basic knowledge of framing, composition, accurate focus and basic camera handling skills beyond the fully automatic shooting mode. It is students with these skills that will be in a position to gain the most from the course. If you haven't got to this stage just yet consider our Level 1 - Mastering the Basics & Level 2 - Moving Away From Auto Mode by Distance Learning Workshops first.

You will require a digital SLR or bridge camera, those that allow you to move away from a fully automatic shooting modes to select Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Exposure Compensation & ISO. A dedicated accessory flash, one that attaches to your camera's hot-shoe and is designed to work with your camera. A tripod while desirable is not essential.


This distance learning module introduces the correct use of the equipment & skills required for competent non-studio portrait photography using available light & accessory flash.

We start by considering the type of equipment required and how to work with your subjects to get the best shots & look at poses & locations that work.

We look at shooting indoors and the challenges of producing a natural feel to your photography by mixing available light and your accessory flash. How to minimise the problems of harsh shadows produced by direct sunlight and controlling the contrast with fill-in flash.

How to work with reflectors to produce studio quality images.



You can purchase the Portrait Photography Using Available Light & Accessory Flash Workshop Manual as a PDF emailed to you for just £25 by clicking the Buy Now button below.