The Business of Wedding Photography

Forward by Carolyn Wimpenny (Marketing Director)

Are you aspiring to become a wedding photographer? Don't know how to get started? Well let me show you how.

We are Experts who know the trade of Wedding Photography inside out - we run the Country's Leading Wedding Photography Business Cream Wedding Photography Limited. We have just written, published & are proud to present to you our eBook THE BUSINESS OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.

Who should read this eBook?

This is for the Photographer who seriously wants to get into the business of Wedding Photography and make their income here. Only one photographer can ever photograph each wedding & we'll show you how you can make sure it's You who wins the booking and does a truly Professional Job. This is Real World knowledge: with this knowledge you'll not be wasting your time on ways to market that the rest of the crowd are pushing. You'll hit the ground running pushing your brand to the forefront in ways we know work.

Some beginners spend a fortune attending a wedding photography course where everything is mocked up for them. Lots of wannabes snapping away at an amenable pair of models with all the time in the world to get the shots. Real wedding days don't pan out like that. Real Weddings are fast paced with no room for error. Believe me, we photograph hundreds of wedding each year and real Weddings seldom go to plan; if something can go wrong it will and you as a Professional have to know how to safeguard yourself and get out of trouble and that's what you'll learn here.


The Business of Wedding Photography

An Essential Guide To Running a Profitable Wedding Photography Business

PDF Document of Thirty Thousand words written by the Directors of the UK's leading Wedding Photography Company



Charles Wimpenny BA (Hons) Pg. Dip. Photographic Director Cream Wedding Photography Limited:

30 years experience Commercial/Wedding/Portrait/Studio Photography. Lecturer Media & Photography to A Level Students in Further Education.

Carolyn Wimpenny Managing Director/ Marketing Director Cream Wedding Photography Limited.

30 years experience in Sales and Marketing to both Business-to-Business and the Public.

learn how to become a wedding photographer beginners guide to photograph a wedding

The Authors oversee the work of 30 professional Wedding Photographers Nationwide where they process thousands of RAW images each week. Extensive Client Feedback has given the Authors an unprecedented insight into the UK's Wedding Photography Business.

learn how to become a wedding photographer beginners guide to photograph a wedding



Learn How to:

Price your work to make a profit & develop an ongoing viable business

Why Customer Care is King

How to advertise

Where to advertise

How to win that Wedding Booking in a highly competitive market place

Why other wedding Photographers miss out on bookings

Booking & planning a Wedding Shoot

Take images that sell

learn how to become a wedding photographer beginners guide to photograph a wedding



Learn About:

Camera kit & Technique


How to Shoot a Wedding

Common Mistakes - even made by experienced professionals & how to avoid them

Controlling the Light - Flash & reflectors

Post Production

learn how to become a wedding photographer beginners guide to photograph a wedding


You Will Get the following in Editable Open Document Text Format so you can tailor them for your own requirements:

Booking documents

Standard traditional wedding shots List

End of shoot Confirmation

Tamper Proof Label Warning Letter

Confirmation Of ownership of Copyright Form

Customer Feedback Form

Terms and Conditions designed to minimise, and to deal with any potential litigation


THE BUSINESS OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY eBook is normally priced at Fifty Pounds & is teaming with

all the information of the business you need to know. This is the best investment in your

Photography Business you can ever make. To get the ball rolling we are discounting the price by a

whopping 50% to the first 50 people who invest. Get THE BUSINESS OF WEDDING

PHOTOGRAPHY right now for an Amazing - Never To Be Repeated Price Of Just £25 & I promise you it will be the best £25 you'll ever spend.




The Wedding Photography Business will be sent to you by email as a zipped folder attachment. If you would like to buy this product on a CD Rom for a gift phone your order to us on 0844 414 5404

Or buy as a Gift on a CD here.

Beginners Guide to Wedding Photography - An essential how to guide to become a wedding photographer

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